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Aesthetic Technique without cuts

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Informações sobre Técnica de Preenchimento Profundo e Cirurgia Plástica
Information about Bioplasty and Plastic Surgery
Information à propos de la Bioplastie et de la Chirurgie Plastique
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The Plastic Surgery Without Cuts

The aesthetics fields of medicine have developed quickly abroad and mainly in Brazil, one of its largest centers in the world. The doctors in these specialties need to recycle frequently under the risk of turning obsolete, such the speed of the progresses. We've experienced the revolution caused by Botox, the LASER, the lipoesculpture, the cosmiatry, and the Fillings, among others.  Now, a new evolution begins to happen. It is known as Bioplasty, the plastic surgery without cuts, which can be applied to the face and  the body. 

Due to the fact that  it does not make use of cuts, it doesn't need great anesthesia, it  allows  the patient to return to his routine immediately after the procedure, and mainly due to its good results,  Bioplasty  brings to body and facial  aesthetics the same trend that has been observed in all  fields of the medicine: the Minimally Invasive Treatments

            Bioplasty  has already been used almost  secretly  by famous, Misses, models,  artists, and people who depend on good looks all over the world.  Many international stars have come  anonymously to Brazil  to be  treated. Arab Sheiks and petroleum millionaires have  invited Brazilian doctors to go to the  Middle East to perform buttock enlargements  and to harmonize the face and body of their  women . It all has  happened in a very discreet way. Bioplasty  is getting more popular.   Not  only famous but also ordinary people  long for its benefits and a revolution in medical aesthetics begins to take place.   

  Bioplasty  has a lot of applications,  that can be divided in 3 fields :

Bioplasty - Beauty Improvement

People can enhance their appearance using the improvements of the beauty signs offered by Bioplasty . Bioplasty can treat the face and the body. 

Bioplasty - Rejuvenation

Modifying the facial volumes, redefining the jaw line , correcting wrinkles and folds , recovering the volume of the hands, Bioplasty turns back the hands of time. 

Bioplasty - Corrective

The technique allows to correct aesthetic defects as the shape of the nose, the volume of the lips, the retracted chin, and the jaw line without surgery. 

Bioplasty  -  Beauty Improvement

The Face

The lines that give harmony and beauty to the face have been studied. It was noticed that beautiful women in the Western World have some characteristics in common: a more prominent malar bone , a  well marked jaw outline, a  light depression in the cheek - the "blush effect" - and   a well established proportion between the nose and the chin.  These characteristics are widely known in the fashion  industry and in  the  marketing field. A lot of models are chosen based on these characteristics.  These characteristics are also frequently observed  among artists of success, to whom the facial beauty is quite important.

Also, for the men, we can find these well established characteristics of facial beauty: A large jaw, is masculine. Men need a more defined jaw, a more right mandibular angle  is also important.  Bioplasty  can create or  enhance these beauty lines in the face, increasing the malar area and defining the jaw. Bioplasty can work on  the nose and  the chin. What is really important is a balanced relationship among  the structures of the face, including the nose, the chin , the  malar bone and the mandibular area.

This is the type of Bioplasty that improves the beauty. Bioplasty can make even more beautiful what is  beautiful already and  it offers better facial and body harmony for who were genetically  not favored. Bioplasty  can also increase the volume of the lips, correct the nose, the chin and imperfections, and  give a  better  appearance in an easy way, without cuts or surgery .

The Body

            With  the  same idea, we can also use the technique for the body. Bioplasty   has been used mainly for buttocks and calf augmentation . The role of the buttocks  in  Brazilian women's beauty standard and now for  women  all over the world is easily perceptible when we observe the beachwear fashion. We can notice  the exhibition and valorization of this part of the body  exalted in  Brazilian's beachwear  fashion,  the famous "Tanga".   

Bioplasty also gets to enhance the beauty of the body, augmenting and  remodeling the buttocks, as well as the calf.  

II - Bioplasty - Rejuvenation

The Face

            In the aging process, sagging, drooping and wrinkling of the skin occurs naturally on the face and the neck.  Not only the surface of the skin but also  the deepest layers also change and  lose volume due to fat loss and the tightening of the muscles. Then, wrinkles, large furrows, folds and laxity appear. We can notice the loss of the definition of the jaw, with the face skin  being blended with the neck skin. The unpleasant double chin of flaccid skin occurs under the chin.  Bioplasty for  rejuvenation acts reestablishing volumes, redefining the jaw,  and correcting furrows, folds  and wrinkles. As part of the process, the beauty signs are created or reestablished, allowing  an improvement of the appearance. Bioplasty doesn't compete with the other methods, like  the cosmiatry, the botulinum toxin, the LASER and the peelings, that can also be used complementarily.  Bioplasty, always in a Minimally Invasive way, recovers and  maintains the beauty.   

The Body

            The hands also suffer the aging process, with the loss of conjunctive tissue. A thinner  skin shows more  laxity and age spots. The back of the hands reveals the tendons and the veins, giving them  an aged  aspect. Bioplasty can recover these volumes and  disguise veins and tendons. Along with  associated treatments to improve the quality of the skin, such as  cosmiatry and LASER / Photorejuvenation, it  is possible to recover the aesthetics of the hands.   

III - Bioplasty  - Correction

            Bioplasty  can correct alterations,  such as the tip of the nose, the weak chin, the thin lips, the weak jaws without definition, among others. Small nose humps can be treated as well. 

With the Bioplasty,  it is possible to achieve  chin and jaw  augmentation , create larger, more defined and young-looking  lips, retouch the nose and remove acne scars.

The Signs of Feminine Beauty

            Everyone recognizes the beauty and there is an almost universal consensus about it in globalized societies. The collective unconscious is highly influenced by the media, but it hasn't lost its biological evolutionary nature:  the beauty signs are millenarian in the human race. We know what is beautiful, but we don't know how to explain the reason. Although we still cannot reach the soul, part of the beauty, we can at least  know its surface. Then,  studying  the Western Feminine Beauty anatomically, we can  find some signs that are almost always present:  

  1 - The cheeks (malar area) are prominent, but with discretion.  

  2 - The prominent malar area is prolonged to the zygomatic  area (zygomatic bone) towards the superior part of the ear. The discreetly prominent zygomatic bone narrows and finishes smoothly in the general level of the face.  

  3 - The "blush effect" is a depression formed by the prominences of the malar and  the zygomatic bones on one side and of the jaw on the other. It is a main / important beauty sign.  

  4 - A well defined jaw, with certain proportion between its two parts,  and the  angle between them  tending to be right (the jaw has two parts: the branch and the body,  forming an angle at the point where they meet).  The well marked jaw helps to create the "blush effect ".  

            To exemplify these signs we will use a natural beauty, one that  hasn't had our help. A beauty that was a chance in nature, a happy genetic coincidence, or as we prefer, a delicate divine creation: the French actress Catherine Dorléac, known as Catherine Deneuve, who was born in October 1943, in Paris and  who's now in her sixties, ambassadress of UNESCO for the preservation of the world cinematographic patrimony. A beautiful woman internally and externally.   

The beauty signs in Catherine Deneuve:
1 - the well marked malar area, 2 - the zygomatic area , beginning in the malar prominence and  smoothly prolonged until the superior border of the ear. 3 - the " blush effect ", a light and wide furrow in the cheek.  4 - the well marked mandibular area. Observe the line between the nose and the chin, that  maintains a certain distance from the mouth, with soft proportions.

The Signs of Masculine Beauty  

            The masculine beauty signs  are not well known.  But although masculine beauty is seen with distrust by  men themselves, it occupies a new position nowadays.  Men of all the ages begin to seek, in a growing rhythm, what women have already accepted and conquered for a long time: the improvement of the self-esteem and better social insertion. The definition of Metro sexuality is still insufficient to determine the actual behavior revolution that has  affected  men in the beginning of this century, and that is still  not well understood. In our clinic, we've received a growing legion of men who  seek the aesthetic treatments that only now begin to be considered by the doctors in  this field. We can use the same resources, but the treatments cannot be the same ones used for  women.  Male  characteristics have to be very well established. 

Also, for men, we can find these well established characteristics of facial beauty: a large jaw is masculine. Man need a more defined jaw, which gives the sense of symmetry and balance. A weak jaw can make a normal nose seem large and an already prominent nose look even larger. On the other hand, a too prominent jaw may give a  too  strong  appearance, which  is not beautiful.  A more right mandibular angle is also  important.  Bioplasty  can create or enhance these beauty lines in the face, increasing the malar area and defining the jaw, as well as creating a depression in the area of the cheek  called the " blush effect". Bioplasty can work on  the nose, lifting its  tip or  removing a dorsal  nasal hump.  A weak chin, like a weak jaw, can make a normal nose seem large and a already prominent nose look even larger. Bioplasty can perform a  chin augmentation. But what is really important is a balanced relationship among the structures of the face, including the nose, the chin , the malar and  the mandibular areas, with a discreet "blush effect".

  1 - A malar and a zygomatic  area  with very discreet prominence, not as much as in women.   

  2 - A well marked jaw, with certain proportion between its two parts with an angle tending to be right  (the jaw has two parts: the branch and the body,  forming an angle between them, at the point where they meet).  The  well marked jaw helps to create a discreet "blush effect ".

  3 - Wide and   proportionate chin  

  4 - Proportionate  and straight nose

            To exemplify these signs, we will use Michelangelo's Work, David.  

The Bioplasty Technique

The Injectable Product

            The injectable product used in Bioplasty is  the  PMMA, ( polymethymethacrylate microspheres) a product that is accepted biologically and that has been used in medicine since 1950. The PMMA  began to be  used in hip prosthesis, later in lenses placed inside  the eye, surgical supporters, and more recently as aesthetic implants. The PMMA used in aesthetics is especially prepared for this purpose , with standard-sized micro spheres which have  the necessary properties for the aesthetic implant in the face and the body.

 Each area receives certain concentrations of the product, that is available in 3 concentrations, 2%, 10% and 30%. PMMA, that is Biocompatible, can be placed  close to the bone, and molded in the desired  format. The desired form and volumes are previously drawn. The PMMA will adhere to the bone and adjacent tissues, and become part of them. The PMMA  can also  be used in the muscle, as in  buttocks augmentation. It can be put in the fat tissue as well as in the skin, to treat wrinkles and furrows. In this tissue there is also a biocompatibility and the PMMA will react with the tissue, becoming part of it too. Due to  the mobility of the product, that can be used in bones, muscles, fat and skin, we've chosen PMMA  to be used in Bioplasty.   

Blunt-tipped  microcannulas that  Inject the Product

            The technique of Bioplasty uses blunt-tipped microcannulas, specifically designed to minimize the risks of injury to tissues,  vases and nerves.  All the treatments are performed  through micropunctures, under the skin and near  the structures of the body, without any cuts and without the need of skin sutures. The treatments  are performed through a minuscule micropuncture, smaller than 0,5 mm (smaller than a pinhead_,  where the blunt-tipped Microcannulas are introduced. They  will transport the microespheres of PMMA to the desired place, to achieve the transformations of Bioplasty. Everything is performed under local anesthesia.      

Pos - Bioplasty

The patient can go  home immediately, just after the end of the procedure.  No cuts or sutures are necessary. The minuscule micropunctures are covered by  small pieces of hypoallergenic surgical tape, that are kept in place for 2 days. Although some transitory signs of the treatment may appear, if the patient wants, he's allowed to return to his routine on the same day. The signs disappear in a few days. Cold compresses and a mild analgesic and an anti-inflammatory are prescribed and should be taken for  a few days

Performing a  Bioplasty

            Bioplasty is performed  at the our own clinic or in our  Day Hospital, under local anesthesia, with the patient backing  home in the same day.  

            The Technique of face and Body Bioplasty  is an outpatient procedure, what means that  internment is not necessary. 

The whole treatment is performed  under local anesthesia. No sedation is needed .

            Bioplasty can even be performed  in a office, but we prefer  performing it in our day hospital, which is very similar to a clinic.  

            The "Day Hospital São Paulo LASER and Medical Center"  was created by a group of doctors, of which the Naturale Clinic is part, to offer all  the technical conditions of safety and of asepsis  requested in the aesthetic procedures, but in a pleasant atmosphere and a with  personalized and friendly attention, similar to an office.  

  1 - The patient comes to Naturale Clinic  for a initial doctor consultation, when the doctor will evaluate the patient and to plan the procedure. If necessary, some tests will be requested. 

  2 - Pictures are taken  and the procedure of Bioplasty is scheduled 

  3. The patient  goes to the  Day Hospital in the scheduled  day and time. 

  4. The doctor performs  pre-established demarcations on the face or on the buttocks, that are the procedure  plans to guide the treatment.

  5. The local anesthesia is performed.  

  6. Bioplasty is then executed. It  takes about 40 to 60 minutes for the face and 1 hour and a half  for the buttocks.  Blunt-tipped microcannulas are used, which are specifically designed  to minimize the risks of injury to tissues, vases and nerves. All the treatments are performed  through micropuncture, under the skin and close to the structures of the body, without any cuts and without the need of sutures. Minuscule micropunctures, smaller than 0,5 mm are done, through where the blunt-tipped Microcannulas are introduced. They will transport the microespheres of PMMA to the desired  place. Everything is executed under local anesthesia.  The injections are performed with the help of  a manual injector especially developed for this purpose.  With models for the face and for the buttocks, this injector is capable of injecting exact amounts of the product , what allows a predictable application. The demarcations guide the doctor to perform the intended alterations. The patient is totally conscious and talking with the doctor during all the  procedure. Sedation is not necessary. After the treatment , there is no need of sutures, just an hypoallergenic surgical tape is put on the micropuncture and it is kept for 2 days.  

  7. The patient can go back  home immediately after the procedure.  

  8. Bruising and swelling may occur and they disappear within 3 to 15 days  

  9. A mild analgesic and an anti-inflammatory are prescribed and should be taken for a few days

 10. The patient can return to his professional activities on the same day or on the following day, although there may be some swelling and some bruising .  

  11. The patient will  come back  to the clinic for evaluation after 5 or  6 days   

a- Improve  the Beauty

b - Buttocks  Augmentation

c - Augmentation  of the Lips

d-Correction of Chin

e- Correction of the Nose -

f- Rejuvenation

g-Folds, Furrows  and Wrinkles

h- Hands 

i-Facial  Outline

Associated treatments

Bioplasty can be used complementarily with  other methods.  That means the phenol peelings, LASERS / photorejuvenation , Botox, and the cosmiatric creams can be used and there is not incompatibility among them.  The doctor who  has  all of the methods on hand can choose the best ones for the patient. Bioplasty can  enhance the beauty, rejuvenate and  correct. Botox, LASERS / photorejuvenation  and  peelings will treat the most superficial skin. The creams will treat the photoaging and photomelanosis and will prevent the aging, besides restoring the skin. Surgeries can also be used for those cases when Bioplasty and the minimally invasive  methods do not apply. Surgeries  could complete or  be completed by Bioplasty, when it is necessary.  

Bioplasty can also be used after lifting procedures. After the lifting, the aging process continues. Furthermore,  it is not desirable to repeat this type of surgeries  frequently because the natural aspect of the face can get lost. Then,  Bioplasty can be used to  avoid frequent liftings. On the other hand, when the lifting has already been performed, a little loss of the deep tissues and a thin aspect of the face are observed. Bioplasty can help  restore the lost volumes.  

Advantages of the new method  of Bioplasty

Due to the  great results of the treatment, its low risks and the simplicity of its execution, the new technique of Bioplasty - the plastic surgery without cuts -  has been widely accepted by both  doctors and patients.  

Bioplasty was created according the trend  of minimally invasive methods that ahs been observed in all areas of the medicine. Bioplasty offers good results, but with low risks and without great execution difficulties.

The new technique has a wide variety of applications, divided in 3 fields:

Bioplasty that improves the beauty, Bioplasty that rejuvenates and Bioplasty that corrects  

                        Naturale Clinic, the pioneer in the use of Botox in the hiper-hidrose treatment, in the surgery of varicose veins with  LASER, in Crioescleroterapy, and in several other important techniques, continues in the vanguard and  already offers Bioplasty in its two  2 clinics.

Miguel Francischelli Neto MD, PhD, Head of the Naturale Clinic, already performs the new technique of Bioplasty with polymethymethacrylate microspheres: PMMA.  

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