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Aesthetic Technique without cuts

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Informações sobre Técnica de Preenchimento Profundo e Cirurgia Plástica
Information about Bioplasty and Plastic Surgery
Information à propos de la Bioplastie et de la Chirurgie Plastique
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Bioplasty - Hands

  The hands also suffer with the aging process due to the loss of conjunctive tissue. As a result,  the skin is more flaccid and with age spots. The back of the hand reveals the tendons and the veins, giving them  a senile aspect. Bioplasty can recover these volumes and  disguise veins and tendons. 

The treatment is simple and performed under local anesthesia. Through  small micropunctures on the back of the hand, the microcannulas, which are especially designed  for this purpose, are introduced. The microcannulas will transport the PMMA (or polymethymethacrylate microspheres) to recover the volume of the back of the hand. It is not necessary perform cuts nor sutures. The patient can return to his activities immediately. A glove has to be worn for some days and heavy manual activities have to be avoided. 

 With the associated treatment for the improvement of the quality of the skin, using peelings, cosmiatry and LASER / photorejuvenation, it  is possible to rejuvenate the hands, recovering volumes, disguising veins and tendons, removing stains and giving the skin a healthier aspect.


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