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Aesthetic Technique without cuts

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Informações sobre Técnica de Preenchimento Profundo e Cirurgia Plástica
Information about Bioplasty and Plastic Surgery
Information à propos de la Bioplastie et de la Chirurgie Plastique
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  Buttocks Augmentation
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The History of Bioplasty

Dr. Robert Ersek described the use of the product Bioplastique, a biocompatible polymeric, as well as the use of blunt-tipped stems for the injections. Dr. Ersek described the ideal characteristics of the materials that can be used in Bioplasty.

Bioplasty had great development in Brazil, with the surgeon Dr. Almir Nácul. He's taken the technique to its current state, adapting the new product (PMMA) that fills out the ideal characteristics established by Ersek. He's developed microcannulas and appropriate materials for each use, besides the Nácul's cannula , utilized in the local anesthesia of the face and of the buttocks. He's also enlarged Bioplasty applications, developing the experience that made this method available.

Naturale Clinic, pioneer in Brazil in the use of Botox in the hiper-hidrose treatment, in the surgery of varicose veins with LASER, in Crioescleroterapy, and in several other important techniques, continues in the vanguard and already offers Bioplasty in its two 2 clinics.

Miguel Francischelli Neto MD, PhD, Head of the Naturale Clinic, already performs the new technique of Bioplasty with polymethymethacrylate microspheres: PMMA.

Soft Tissue Implant

The Ideal Soft Tissue Implant



Particle size large enough to prevent migration after implantation

particle size small enoug to allow implantation by minimally invasive blunt cannula procedure

not resulting in "storage disease"

light in color

moldable folowwing implantation , but stable after remolding

Bioplasty with PMMA - Newplastic

Material Product ( vendor) Primary Components
PMMA - Newplastic
Polymethylmethacrylate Microspheres

Other Soft Tissue Implant

Material Product ( vendor) Primary Components
AlloDerm LifeCell Corp Decellularized Human Dermal Tissue
Autologen Collagenesis Autologous Human Dermal Collagen
Cymetra LifeCell Corp Micronized AlloDerm
Dermalogen Collagenesis Allogenous Human Dermal Tissue
Fibrel Mentor Corp Fibrin Gel
Hylaform Biomatrix Hyaluronic Acid
Restylane Q-Med Hyaluronic Acid Gel
Tisseel Baxter Fibrin Gel
Zyderm I Collagen Aesthetics Bovine Dermal Collagen (35 mg/ml )
Zyderm II Collagen Aesthetics Bovine Dermal Collagen (65 mg/ml )
Zyplast Collagen Aesthetics Bovine Dermal Collagen (65 mg/ml ) with Glutaraldehyde
Artecoll Rofil Medical Inc Polymethylmethacrylate Microspheres
Bioplastique Bioplasty, Inc Polydimethylsiloxane
Goretex W.L. Gore & Associates PTFE
Marlex Davol , Inc Porous/mesh-form Polyethylene
Softform Collagen Aesthetics PTFE
DMS Dow Corning PolimetilsiloxanePolydimethylsiloxane
Metacrill Nutricell Laboratory Polymethylmethacrylate Microspheres
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