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Aesthetic Technique without cuts

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Informações sobre Técnica de Preenchimento Profundo e Cirurgia Plástica
Information about Bioplasty and Plastic Surgery
Information à propos de la Bioplastie et de la Chirurgie Plastique
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Buttocks  Augmentation

            The Bioplasty   has been used mainly for buttocks and calf augmentation . The role of the buttocks  in  Brazilian women's beauty standard and now for  women  all over the world is easily perceptible when we observe the beachwear fashion. We can notice  the exhibition and valorization of this part of the body  exalted in  Brazilian's beachwear  fashion,  the famous "Tanga".   

Bioplasty also gets to enhance the beauty of the body, augmenting and  remodeling the buttocks, as well as the calf.  

The shape of the buttocks  is an important component of the woman's body harmony, mainly in the Brazilian aesthetic pattern. The high pattern of female  body  harmony includes well developed buttocks muscles.  

Firm, well drawn, well muscled and well defined buttocks are formed mainly due to  the glutes muscles. It is a pattern of body beauty that is quite  admired, but which is  very difficult to be obtained by  women. 

The muscular activity is an important aid to develop the buttocks. But especially for women,  it is more difficult to obtain results with  the muscular activity of the buttocks because of anatomical characteristics . 

Women have a  type of  muscle insertion (the points where  the muscles are inserted in the bones of the hip) with  different characteristics when compared to men. Their muscles are less used in their daily activities , when they walk or  go upstairs. For this reason, men developed better muscles. Then ,  women have problems to increase the muscle volume, even when they  work out a lot.  

Recently, some aids have appeared to increase the volume of the buttocks in  women. Among them fat graft,  silicon prosthesis and more recently, the Bioplasty. 

Of course the Bioplasty treatment doesn't substitute the physical activity, that continues to be healthy and necessary to maintain the body harmony But Bioplasty means an important help.  

            The fat graft has been used, but  it has as inconvenience the fact that it's formed by fat, which can be partially absorbed. Then, the definitive format will only be known after some time (around five months), and we never know how it will be absorbed, although it can be estimated. The actual  size that the buttocks can reach  is unknown. In addition, it is necessary to have areas with great amount of fat to be removed, which is not  always possible. It is also a larger surgery, because it includes the liposuction to obtain the fat to be grafted later.  

  The silicon prosthesis for buttocks augmentation has been used a lot, with good results, but has a serious inconvenience. We cannot apply any buttock  injection, because of the  risk of perforating the prosthesis. People must take care and always inform when they are at a hospital or in an emergency situation. But for forgetfulness or unawareness, an injection can be applied in the buttocks, elapsing serious problems.  Besides that,   the presence of a prosthesis  can cause other uncomfortable problems.   

  More recently, we've had the option of using Bioplasty, that is the favorite technique used at Naturale Clinic.  

Bioplasty of Buttocks - the buttocks augmentation without surgery

  A biocompatible product (accepted by the body), the PMMA, is applied in the buttocks directly inside  the muscle. The product is mixed with the muscle and provokes the emergence of the patient's own conjunctive tissue. The sum of  the conjunctive tissue and the biocompatible product (PMMA) that was injected will give the increase of the buttocks, with a format and volume previously determined and agreed on  by the doctor and the patient, depending on the injected volume. 

  There are no risks in case of future injections of medicines and the result is quite close to the natural. The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia, without internment, which means the patient can return to his  normal activities quickly. There are no cuts  nor sutures . The procedure varies from 40 minutes to  1 and a half hour depending on the injected volume planned. Everything is performed through two micropunctures of 0,5 mm, smaller than the head of a pin, through where the microcannulas of special size drawn for the buttocks are inserted. It is just a micropuncture on each side, and once  the procedure is finished,  sutures are not necessary. A small curative with a hypoallergenic surgical tape is placed on the micropuncture and it is maintained for some days. The patient  can return to  his normal activities immediately after the end of the procedure.  

  Bioplasty of the buttocks is a new alternative for the improvement of the women's body harmony. The PMMA (polymethymethacrylate microspheres )  is not absorbed by the organism, allowing  accuracy in  the final volume of the buttocks. If  the patient wants a larger volume, more PMMA can be applied. That is an  easy procedure, because Bioplasty is  always  performed under local anesthesia.  

  On the other hand, as the PMMA is applied directly in the muscle, it ends up being part of the muscular tissue, not impeding the practice of the physical exercise. The physical exercises will always be necessary. Bioplasty of buttocks alone, cannot offer a perfect body, but it can help a lot.  

The Bioplasty Project and Lift the Buttocks.

The doctor performs  pre-established demarcations on the buttocks that  plans the procedure to guide the treatment.
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